Cobra/Isis Conference held in Sussex, UK April 11 - 12, 2015

Part 3 and 4

Part 3

With both Isis and Cobra, it is a reasonable question for delegates to their Conference to ask “why should we believe what we are told here”? There are various ways such a question can be approached.


Isis had not been able to do her presentation on Day 1 of the Conference for various reasons.
With both Isis and Cobra, it is a reasonable question for delegates to their Conference to ask “why should we believe what we are told here”? There are various ways such a question can be approached. For the current writer it has to be a little bit more than “well it feels right to my higher discrimination” - whatever that is. That can be too subject to wishful thinking. This question proved important because of what happened later on Day 2.

Certainly a sense of veracity is important. When people express their truth, a truth which clearly resonates with them and is held with deep sincerity, that energy is communicated. We hear it as authenticity. (It is one of the reasons many of us distrust politicians, because that sense of deep authenticity is missing.)
For this writer, at least, both Cobra and Isis pass the authenticity test. They are committed to and utterly sincere about what they are sharing at the conferences.

There is a second criterion, which is whether the ideas being presented concur with other truths that the listener knows to be real and important. Isis in particular ventured into areas dealing with the reality of the ‘Gods’. This is a very important topic and one widely misunderstood. Her grasp of what the Gods are (and are not) was significant as will be shown.
A further criterion is what image of humanity is being shared, implicit in what the speaker is saying. Is it one of hope, beauty and joy? Is it all embracing and universal, honouring humanity or is it separative?
Finally, we may ask “how does the speaker know what they know”? Are they credible as a source of information?

The new children

Isis commented that children were present and that this was significant.
The new society is opposite to one of winners and losers. In the emerging society all will be winners. We are all going to have to unlearn and relearn. The spirit of cooperation will be important. This will be achieved through a healthy balanced individuality. We will need to be connected with our Soul Star: our Higher Self. The new society will also be based on a healthy expression of the masculine and feminine principles. Like a mandala, all the parts need to be in right relationship and hold appropriate equality. We are all part of the puzzle. For this reason, everyone's opinion and energy matters. We need to wake up more of our Soul’s presence.

Around 1980 a lot of newborn children carried the Indigo Energy. These children were:

  • Warriors to break up the old patterns
  • Individuals who won't bear strict authority
  • Individuals who can read you

The system and schooling with these children proves difficult. They do not relish competition. They sense the future is through teamwork, involving all generations.
They understand that every point of view matters.

Individuals embracing this energy need the whole picture. Currently, in our society we focus on words. But words are only 7% of what is being communicated. The listener, brings their own mental, emotional response and images to any word that they hear. Thus what is 'heard' is slightly, or radically, different for each listener. In addition to the meanings embedded in the words, tone of voice and body language also play a part of the meaning conveyed.
The old way was always about "who is right". The old way allows one view to prevail over another. We all have to unlearn this.

We will need to learn to cooperate; this will apply even in Light Worker groups. Everyone will need to be involved. All generations will have their part to play. The Goddess Principle of the circle is very important in this context. The younger generation has energy and they are bringing in new energy, but often they are naive. The old generation has wisdom.

Mysteries of the Goddess

One of the first mysteries of the Goddess is the Silence.
Who am I? – This is a Mystery of the Goddess. The silence and energy of listening. The energy of receptivity; the divine family. There is a contrast between giving and receiving versus taking and pushing.
[At this point Isis illustrated what she was saying moving her hands in the lemniscate '8' shape for Eternity.]
The Goddess energy is about giving, receiving and embracing. It is eternity with hands held out. To engage with the goddess energy is to be open and to hear. We have to hear ourselves. We need to go deep into the silence. We need to listen to our intuitions.

For men this involves a mental structure.
For women this involves the guidance of intuition. This in a language is universal.
We need to respect each other.
To approach each other with affinity.
Truth is the universal code
Love is a universal code.
Joy is a universal code.
Light always inspires.

An intuition that is truthful, loving and joyful is inspirational. This is the universal code.

When we can communicate with both giving and receiving, a circle is completed. All involved are winners. All involved have fun.

The Goddess presence brings back the inner child. It integrates all aspects of our nature. On the left side of the body is the Goddess flame; on the right side of our body is the God flame; in the heart between these two flames is the Divine Child flame.

We can consider ourselves surrounded by four Archangels: Gabriel to the front, Raphael behind, Michael on the right and Oriel on the left.

The Goddess principle connects with both the chakras and the elements.

  • Earth - The right to be here
  • Water - Sex and fluid emotion: the right to feel
  • Fire - Solar plexus. The right to act.
  • Air - Heart and lungs. Air is everywhere. The right to act.
  • Sound - Throat. Expression. “I Am”.
  • Light/vision - The right to see. To see the truth.
  • Awareness (Aether) - My own connection with the Source.

At this point we did an exercise as a group, with Isis singing short notes on the group responding.

Another mystery of the Goddess is sound. Sound is used in invocation. Sound is used in prayer. In the new society every action will be a ritual.

Consider the sounds in: "Om Mane Padme Hum"
The Goddess celebrates life.

New Society

This will include the Galactic aspects of society. Intuition will become prevalent. The introduction of mobile phones were a final attempt to prevent the inevitable and the development of telepathic powers. Intuition relates closely with telepathy.

What Is the Goddess Energy?
In the past, time was experienced as linear, it involves past, present and future. We forget that we live entirely in the present.

Around 2011, a new era started. This year involved a new sense of time. Time began to be perceived as a spiral energy. Time is now pushing consciousness higher. We have to learn to just be 'Now'.
The experience of Goddess Energy is as spiral energy. Through dance we can allow in that energy.
Isis experienced Goddess energy as turning in a spiral and forming a vortex. Isis received the Goddess Energy through dancing.

The Goddess energy is so powerful. It does not allow itself to be manipulated. Life starts with the spiral, with the vortex.
Currently, we are aligning with the spiral consciousness of the Galactic Sun. In dance, Isis experienced the energy as an inner spiral. It Is Interesting to note yhat the Milky Way is a double spiral. We need to have a spiral consciousness. The spiral vortex has to be connected to the land.

In the ancient Indian tradition there are three snakes:

Male: the Ida
Female: the Pingala
Central (spine): the Shushumna

If you go inside you can become the dance. The Goddess Energy teaches the dancer to become both stronger and softer. The Goddess Energy reconnects us to our own power. We need to say "no" to what hurts us. The qualities of the Goddess Energy are:

  • Trust
  • Respect - your emotions and others’ emotions
  • Honesty

We will be then in touch with the Galactic Codex. The incoming light is provoking everything.
When The Event occurs we must not catch the panic. It is important to recognise your own talent. You will need to go where your skills are needed. You were born at this time for a certain reason. You need to be here to play your part of the highest good of all. That need includes everyone.

The new environment and homes will be based on Sacred Geometry. The Galactic Confederation will clear the Earth's pollution.

The next generation coming in are the Crystal children:
They have a blue aura. They will be here to heal. But currently, these children are open to allergies.
Other children are also coming. These are the Rainbow children. They bring joy.
Isis had a dream. This involved 1% of the children now being born. These are the Diamond children. They are enlightened. They will raise the vibration of the planet. Earth will become more like a crystal, a crystal will be its base element.

We have to learn to not be jealous of each other!

The Sisterhood of the Rose

This is a sisterhood of the Goddesses. Each Goddess can be considered to be a facet of the same diamond. They bring spirit (stars) into matter.
Essentially, we are each a unique star.
The symbol of this Sisterhood is a rose.
Another symbol is the pentagram.
When you draw a pentagram with the point uppermost, it has similarities to the human form. The head, two arms and two legs are fivefold. We also have five fingers and five toes. We have five senses. The pentagram encircled, is symbolic of the Soul Star. In our body we bring our unique style into manifestation our creative organs are in the centre spirit enters into the matter.

The history of the Sisterhood will be given later

The current alignment (Venus transit), over the two days of the conference, involves strong energies from the Galactic Central Sun. The energy has proved to be much more than expected. Motherships are coming closer. The Central Race are coming closer.

Iona (Goddess) brought the mysteries of the Goddesses to earth and to Atlantis. She is represented as a goddess with wings. She initiated the most advanced women on the planet. Twelve women were initiated. These became known as goddesses. They keep the presence of the light on the planet. When the goddess energy is strong there are periods of peace. When the goddess energy is suppressed there are eras of wars. Over the last 5000 years the mysteries of the Sisterhood of the Rose had to go underground.

When we refer to the Goddesses, we are dealing with Immortal Beings. Later in Earth's history, women with imperfect consciousness held the light. Things were forgotten. Even so, the mysteries were transmitted from mother to daughter over generations. These women helped to prevent violent events. The Sisterhood even influenced Eva Braun. They influenced Saladin: in the Crusader wars there was suddenly peace. It is hard for historians to explain why.
Now the Sisterhood of the Rose has returned so that men and women can hold the energy of peace and balance.

No longer can nature be forced to man's will. Now the approach must be unified and balanced. The Goddess Energy determines that it is done right. The New Era will not be a French revolution. We have one chance to do this right. We are creating a field of balance. The Goddess Energy is a unique experience. This energy will help you get to the point of balance. There is a need for people who can hold this energy.

Many people would like evidence. But the evidence of the Goddess Energy comes through inner experience. It has always been like that in history. Mankind needs to have the right consciousness to receive it. Enough people need sufficient understanding.

Women met secretly. They were involved in healing. Women in the Sisterhood were high priestesses. They were initiated through the Isis Mystery School.

Isis showed the delegates a large ankh and asked what it looked like. The ankh can appear like a body. The top part is like a vesicle (vesica pisces). The child comes through a vesicle into the new reality. It is now time for this new energy to return to the planet. Women used the ankh as a symbol of the "breath of life". The ankh represents the coming of spirit into matter

Everything that is done with love becomes magic. The women used milk in their ceremonies. Milk gives life to the baby. This explains in part the symbolic horns on the head of some of the representations of the goddess Isis.

It is important that you like your body.
You need to love your body. Then you can change. What is suppressed, what is not loved, cannot be changed. Each person is a unique star and a unique flower.

In the new era, wearing a mask of charm will not work. Only the real will appear as beautiful. Only the real will be beautiful. And that beauty will be both magnetic and electric. The feminine is magnetic; the masculine is electric.
In the future some super foods will aid cells to recover. Giving birth will become easier the more the woman surrenders. This is how the goddess works. The first feed, the first milk, vaccinates the baby. (Coconut milk is also very good.)
The Galactic Central Sun is equivalent to the Christos Pleroma.

The new generation of children command respect. They already know that cooperation is important. They want to create rules together that all agree on, and then they are satisfied. This is Goddess energy.

Not to judge
To focus on what is – not what is not
To heal conflict
To release tense energy
Not to act as a mechanical robot

[Lunch came at this point]

Spiritual life cannot just concentrate on Spirit. All aspects of life in the body needs to be given appropriate space.
Things need to be done slowly and done in balance. Activity and passivity are important.
The qualities of spiritual life involve:

  • Compassion
  • Nurturing
  • Forgiveness
  • Patience
  • Truth
  • Justice
  • Grace
  • Gratitude
  • Selfless softness
  • Kindness
  • Purity

The Goddess brings Justice and Compassion as she returns.
There needs to be:
Surrender (mental, emotional and bodily control)
Acceptance of sexual energy

Some are called to channel Her energy. These are the Sisterhood of the Rose.

Everyone has a Goddess and a Master to whom they are most connected.

In 2004 there was a Venus transit
in 2012 a further Venus transit.
After 2012 individuals could be initiated to channel the Isis Energy.

We have two Spirals

The feminine spiral is anti-clockwise. grounding; it is Shakti.
The masculine is clockwise:
The Fire of liberation; it is Shiva
This energy will free ‘stuck spirits’

The masculine energy involves:
Valour and courage
Logic and reason

Both men and women need to know both energies and to hold both in balance within themselves.

At this point we should have moved to a meditation and then a short film about the Goddess. However, the presenter was subject to an intemperate attack which will be the subject of a subsequent post.

Personal note:
Some of you know I am a novelist. Isis's presentation was of great interest to me because of her description of time as a spiral. I had had this intuition when writing my first novel - Time Sphere - and it provides the architecture and rational of the way time occurs in the story.

When a teenage priestess, living 5,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt, connects with Rhory, an English schoolboy visiting the British Museum, she puts herself and him in great danger. The link they forge through the pathways of time is noticed. She must escape the murderous followers of the God Set, and Rhory is hunted by their modern counterparts, the nefarious Society of Secrets.

To learn more about this book - and how it relates to current events - please click on the cover:


Part 4

Attacking the minds that inform you

As far as the current writer can tell, the Conferences offered by Cobra are open events, in the sense that anyone can attend. As mentioned in Part 1, the audience at the UK Conference involved a wide cross-section of ages and backgrounds, brought together by an understanding that what is currently unfolding in our world can only be grasped by the perception that goes beyond this world.

The interviews with Cobra over the past three or more years, the posts on the 2012 Portal blog and the “Intel” released at the Conferences, are all testimony of an individual who is incredibly well-informed. More than that, Cobra is utterly dedicated – it appears – to a difficult assignment, and will continue until (and beyond?) The Event. In this Cobra is supported fully by Isis, who brings a complimentary energy and wisdom. Are these two people saints? Or sages? Are they overshadowed by Ascended Masters? Do Luminous orbs land on their lawn (assuming they have one) with data files? Frankly, who can say?

What can be said is that they make no special claims. Like the famous Ronseal advert on UK TV, they do exactly what it says on the tin. They are bringing information and energy about a birthing Age, a new era that is partly, but not completely, with us. They are doing this as best they can under conditions that not only are not ideal, but may well be dangerous. And they are human.

So, it was shocking to find two men and assorted impressionable women, launch an extraordinary and planned attack on both Cobra and Isis on the final afternoon of the UK Conference.

Isis had proposed to the group that we engage in a meditation, and that this would be followed by a video made by a participant at a previous conference, about the Goddess. At this point, a hirsute man from Croatia stood up – he was physically imposing – and told Isis not to do this. He argued that the meditation was wasting the delegates’ time. He demanded that the audience be given more Intel instead.

Isis handled this extraordinary rude and aggressive act with charm and courtesy. But the man persisted. This was the individual who had asked no questions and made no comments for the first day and a half. It was the same man who had led the group in the snickering, giggling and sotto voce commenting, that undermined the final exercise on the previous day.

We learned later that this individual, and his coterie of followers, had negotiated to stay at one of the delegate’s houses for free. (They never even thanked their host it turned out later.) The man from Croatia persisted, to the irritation of the majority present, and eventually Cobra intervened, pointing out that it was his conference and would proceed as he chose.

Another man, the organiser of the UK Conference, then stood up. At at least 6’3”, he also was physically imposing. He shouted at Cobra to “sit down”.
In the current writer’s experience of probably 100+ conferences, behaviour like this is unique in its crassness and ignorant rudeness.

To the huge credit of Isis and Cobra, they did not give way to this planned attack, and (at best) this exercise in stupidity and (at worst) this display of malignancy, had little energetic effect.
So why share this story? Well, to be forewarned is to be fore-armed. But also there are many coming to Cobra’s blog and the associated Facebook page, who have no idea that people can be, and are, manipulated to behave in ways that are quite self-destructive.

This writer, like most, cannot see clearly into other people’s hearts or read their deeper motivations and destiny. But, nevertheless, the Law of Expression holds: “By their fruits shall ye know them.”

In other words, what people do reveals what they are.

Still from the BBC's 'Men Behaving Badly'

So what did these ‘men behaving badly’ do? The one from Croatia we will call ‘ the hairy man’; the one from the UK we will name ‘the smooth man’.

The hairy man has claimed in public, and published utterances, that he is St Germain. Perhaps he means he is the reincarnation. Perhaps he means he is the current expression. Perhaps he is asserting he has lived continuously on this planet for 400+ years. (If so, he has yet to learn basic manners.)

More than this, the hairy man claims to be both Jesus and Sananda. So we are dealing with a very odd trinity here. Normally, someone expressing ideas like this would be risking a period of medical treatment or the derision or pity of those with whom he comes in contact. But it appears not only has the hairy man built up a robust following in Eastern Europe, but he is surrounded by Ascended Masters (some as young as ten). At least this is what he asserts.

In his capacity as Jesus and Sananda, the hairy man wrote to the current Pope demanding an enormous sum of money. He did this in a letter written entirely in capitals. Now I suppose if you were Jesus, you could argue the wealth of the Vatican was yours to spend. At the time of writing, the Vatican has not released any funds.

What about the smooth man? He also wrote the Pope, addressing him baldly as ‘francis’. That in itself was both ignorant and rude. He also demanded huge sums of money. Why? Because the hairy man had persuaded him that he was the Archangel Gabriel. No kidding!

Now that claim is a philosophical absurdity, showing a level of ignorance about Divinity and Angelology that is quite breathtaking.

So why should a pair of men, and some impressionable women making fools of themselves, concern us? There is good reason.

Knowingly or unknowingly they set out to damage an energetic event of some considerable importance, the Venus transit over the Pleiades. The Conference was deliberately held at an important symbolic location in the UK. These men set out to wreck it.
Knowingly or unknowingly, they both appear to have mistaken fantasy for reality. Should Jesus or Sananda return in physical expression on earth in our time, we will reasonably expect every aspect of their behaviour to be impeccable. They have after all, mastered 3-D. The morally ambiguous and intemperate behaviour demonstrated by these two men, revealed they are just human beings like the rest of us, only with rather bizarre delusions.
But, by writing to the Pope as they did, and publishing this as they have, they have also effectively destroyed a wonderful initiative to begin to do infrastructure projects using some of the monies that will undoubtedly become available after The Event.

They also set out to damage Cobra in other ways which this writer will not comment on here.

This whole episode was an object lesson in what happens when you allow your own ego to become inflated, assuming spiritual powers are yours but without under-taking any discipline and without the initial cleansing process that is a requirement on the spiritual path, namely humility. The smooth man appears to have fallen under the spell of the hairy man - and truly believes that he is an Archangel, and so able to demand things from that position. That is simply sad. The hairy man has gathered others around him who appear to believe he is what he claims, St Germain, Jesus and Sananda. That is also sad.

It raises the question of why Jesus should be demanding more Intel from Cobra. I don’t think the hairy man was aware of the contradiction involved in that. He also missed the irony of ‘Jesus’ not wanting to meditate.

There is good reason why following the spiritual path has always involved undertaking a discipline. Hence one who does so is considered ‘a disciple’. To assume fantastic powers and offices for ones-self, is not harmless fun. It has real consequences.

This is true in this case where it appears – at least to this writer – that the etheric and astral (a very tricky realm indeed) has been confused with the spiritual. The two could hardly be further apart, for the former is deeply material and the latter is simply Eternal and Divine. Those who have truly contacted their Divine nature have a holiness about them that brings peace and joy to those blessed to meet them.

For “by their fruits shall ye know them.”

"The reason why rivers and seas are able to be lords over a hundred mountain streams, is that they know how to keep below them. That is why they are able to reign over all the mountain streams.

Therefore the Sage, wishing to be above the people, must by his words put himself below them; wishing to be before the people, he must put himself behind them. In this way, though he has his place above them, the people do not feel his weight; though he has his place before them, they do not feel it as an injury. Therefore all mankind delight to exalt him, and weary of him not."

Lao Tse The Tao Te Canon

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