Isaac Tigrett - Singapore speech 9/17/2016

I'm not a podium type of a guy. I need to move around, too nervous.

I'm not here to say things that you want to hear. I'm here to tell you things you need to hear, from my experience. I’m sure anything that I say that is incorrect Swami will scold me and also correct the situation. The two most important days of your life is the day you are born and the day you understand why. Last time I was here, because I’ve had an extraordinary metaphysical life due to Swami and my fate, I was talking about the cosmic event and I don’t think anybody understood what I was talking about. But I’ll tell you what I do believe, I believe that I am absolutely against anything that promotes duality… duality. God is over there and I am over here. I don’t believe in blind faith, not for one second, because my faith changes too often. In one moment I believe, in the next moment I am not so sure, the next moment I forget altogether. I don’t believe in faith. I believe in truth. Swami’s given me permission and I don’t mean to demean my two brothers here or experts in their fields, I am not claiming to be an expert in mine, I can only tell you what little I’ve learned.

Swami sent me to work with a yogi, told me to leave my family in England and for eight years we worked together, and every night, four nights a week, we’d sit opposite of each other going to deep trance, leave our bodies, and Swami would be there. I don’t know the technical names of these things, only Vedic names of these things. He would take us of to parallel universes; take us to other dimensions. We’d meet all kinds of beings, in fact there are more beings on other worlds than are here are on this planet. And the one thing that I realize is that there’s a lot more going on, obviously, than one knows. And so much has been forgotten.

It’s so funny, just the other day, Swami and I, we were in Fiji, and Swami had this little recording device, we were in this rooms, I think by ourselves or at least some of these gentleman might have been there, and He said, ‘’You know Tigrett, what’s going on here has already happened. Everything that was going on right now has already happened. We are just in replay.’’ And I started thinking, ‘’My goodness, if these things are correct then there’s no doubt that what He has been saying over and over again – two things, two things, that all the Masters have said, all of them. Confucius, Lao Tse, Zarathustra, Yogananda, it goes on and on and on, Jesus, everything. One is that you are Divine Beings. You are a Divine Being. He’s said this since He was 14, ‘’I’m just a reflection of you.’’ Nobody believes it. Nobody. They don’t believe it, that is His main message. And the second message is that this is all a dream, not even true, not even reality. Can you get your mind around that? And everybody is going, ‘’Is there life after death? Is there life after death? Is there life after death?’’ Well, having left my body about three hundred times I can tell you there’s plenty of life after death. Not only that, there is life before birth. You have a journey from Atma to Atma.

This is just a small insignificant sliver, if even that, of the totality of who you are. This little world that you come into, which you leave very, very quickly, and which no one remembers you after you are gone. So this is the place the karma is played out. I can tell you now having had these amazing experiences there’s no time on the other side. Can you imagine that? There’s no time. There’s no dimension, there’s no three dimensions. It’s a frequency, this is a frequency. (points at Swami) Who you really are is really a frequency. It’s a primordial sound. The ancients knew it, but as time grew, and I tell you it’s so interesting, I hope that you all sometimes look at these booklets, these divine booklets we put out everywhere we go. What Swami has recently said that there is so much truth and amazing things that He has been revealing just in the last two years, especially the Q and A sessions, somebody in Croatia said, ‘’Are we being visited by beings from another planet? Is it true that they are coming in?’’ He said, ‘’No, no. It is too far for them to travel. But there are other beings who can change their vibration and enter this dimension for a short period of time.’’ And that’s what people are seeing. That’s what you’re seeing. These are truths that have been lost. We are all a part of this particular century, this particular time, which is known as the darkest hour in our reality. The darkest time. Right before the Dawn, the end of Kali Yuga. We’re lost and the idea of thinking of yourself as a Divine Being is blasphemy. I’ve even been accused of blasphemy for even saying these things.

I’m a Christian and you know we Christians are told we are pretty small and insignificant beings and the idea of even thinking that you are Divine is blasphemy. And in so many other religions, I mean the first buildings ever built were these amazing temples around the world and they were built to intimidate you. To make you think you need to go through some preacher or priest to get to God. Where in fact He lives – Here. (points at His heart) This is the immortal aspect – you are immortal beings.

I’ll never forget Swami saying to me once, ‘’Tigrett, you’ve been under attack since you were a little boy.’’ I came from a very powerful family and it was no fun. I said, ‘’Yes Swami, I’ve been under attack since I was a small boy.’’ He said, ‘’And you are under attack now.’’ I said, ‘’Yes Swami, there is a lot of people who don’t like the fact that I exist.” He said, ‘’You’ve been under attack your entire life.’’ I answered, ‘’Yes Swami, I have been under attack my entire life.” And then He said, ‘’Who will they attack? You? So they are attacking me? So who are you?’’ So I said, ‘’I am Tigrett.’’ And He said, ‘’No you are not, you are not Tigrett. You should bless these people for attacking you. You should bless them, you should thank them.’’ I said, ‘’Swami, why should I thank them for attacking me? He said, ‘’Well they are attacking Tigrett.’’ I said, ‘’Yes, sir.’’ And He said, ‘’But you are not Tigrett. You are a Divine Being. You should thank them of reminding you of who you are not.’’ I am not Isaac Tigrett and you are not these individual names that people will forget when you pass from this dimension. You’re all Divine Beings.

Yeah, I don’t believe in Church groups. I come from two hundred years of Baptist ministers and missionaries, I know more about church politics then I’d ever want to know and God knows these organizations have more politics than anyone could dream about. And it continues on even now which is fantastic and sad at the same time. The fact is religion is a corporation that doesn’t pay taxes. Spirituality is your own personal journey. We’re all on an individual journey and no two journeys are alike. If you think everybody in this room is supposed to believe the same thing you’re out of your mind, it’s impossible. You are on your own personal journey and you can’t follow anyone and no one can follow you. You are Gods. You are Gods. He says so. Don’t you believe Him? You believe all the other things but you don’t want to believe that one. Do you know whom you should be worshipping? You should be worshipping yourself. That’s who you should be worshipping. If you want to raise your consciousness beyond this petty life that we all live of sorrow and pain and difficulties and jealousy and hatred and elation and all this.

Nothing is permanent except that. That is what you should be doing. That’s the reality. Ask Him. He has told you thousand times and no one ever believed Him. The other thing is that this is truly an illusion and He explained it so beautifully. And so, well, just recently, He said, ‘’Did you have a dream?’’ I said, ‘’Yes a dream.’’ He said, ‘’While you were in the dream did you know you were dreaming?’’ I answered, ‘’No, I didn’t know I was dreaming.” He said, ‘’Then you woke up into this reality. Did you realize this is a dream too? Except you have the five senses that make it so real. Touch, smell, taste, whatever. So you think this is real? This is not real. This is a God movie.’’ That’s all this is, it is a God movie. I just hope I don’t forget my lines. But I’m quite serious. This is the darkest hour, Swami said just recently, this is the darkest time. Darkest hour before the dawn. Where we are consciously so low that we don’t have a clue. And we need to gather in little groups and all believe the same thing or try to when you know you don’t.

Individuality and human essence are just a temporary space that you’re moving through and will create and what it is for it is to pay karma. You’ve invented all of your lives, everything you are experiencing now you invented by past actions. Even in the Vedas, I believe. In these booklets is something Swami call all of us to get that there is 120 fabulous people who are in this very hall and are translating Swamis words and to 10-15 languages. And He invited all of us to come to Puttaparthi, excuse me, it’s all the same, Muddenahalli. The food’s terrible at both places by the way. Sorry, trying to improve it but I don’t know. The south Indian canteen was all that I had when I went there, I was only 24 at the time, that was a long time ago. It was interesting but He would brought us all together, invited everybody to come, and 80-90 of these people came last year to His birthday, and He brought as all in to Prem Deep and He gave us a personal interview. It was really the most extraordinary, amazing thing. Because He talked about God’s word and how it had been transmitted since the beginning of time. And He said, ‘’At the beginning of time, human beings were so yogic. And so high and so divine and so pure that everything was communicated almost on telepathy. From Heart to Heart, there was no need for anything else. You knew immediately and absorbed that information and share it and contemplate it and everything without a word being said. Then consciousness started going down. And we lost the ability to do that. And suddenly we had to write books so the rishis wrote books like the Vedas and so many elders from the Toltec’s, Aztecs, the Egyptians, -so many incredible cultures which there were Avatars in every one, Socrates. And our consciousness came to the point where we could write books, but we could contemplate what the words said. We could literally just like the old days we could absorb it. Through telepathy with one another and through from God, from inside, who’s inside here (points to heart) not some other place that we could actually contemplate and understand the words in the books. Then our conscience came down further and then it became book knowledge. We could contemplate it, we could read the words, but we don’t really know what they meant. We couldn’t put it all together. Even Swami said nobody reads my books. You can’t be kidding me Tigrett, nobody reads my books and if they do the information goes in on one ear and out the other. No one lives what the message is; the true powerful amazing truth has eluded us. Which is fine, this is the Kali Yuga, the darkest age before the dawn, this is the way it’s supposed to be. I’m sure there are a lot of people in this room that don’t agree on what I’m saying. This is something you need to take home yourselves and decide for yourselves. Individually, not as a group. Not with someone telling you what to think. Decide for yourselves. In this great job He’s giving me of the Uvacha series, we record everything, this is being recorded, and “Hello Brisbane again”. (wave to camera man). And the rest of the world is just wonderful.

But He said these are historical documents, He said no one can understand them now. They are written for people who have not even arrived on the planet yet. Because as consciousness goes back up again, there will come a time in I don’t know in a 100 years or 500 years, but it’s an illusion, who cares. Eventually human beings will reach a level where they can understand these words again He said that’s where He wants these words to be pure. Absolutely take as much time as you want with the Uvacha series. I’m so grateful He’s given me this little job of trying to capture these few moments that this Avatar has been on the planet and to share them with the world. He has just recently asked that finally we have translated in 10 languages and number of the series, to publish them in every country and to publish them in the language of those people. He said by the way I don’t want any money, I don’t want publishing fee, I don’t want a percentage of the profit, let them keep it, let them invest in the next series, the next thing. So the words are beyond, you can’t charge my words, they’re beyond value. They’re beyond value. So here we sit in the darkest age in mankind’s history trying desperately to figure out what’s going on. And yes, this unprecedented. But is it? I’ve left my body 300 times and each one of those times Sai Baba has been waiting for me and taking me by the hand showed me things which He has now asked me to reveal in a book. Which He’s been, well we have been arguing about for about three years.

And it’s so funny. Baba told me, ‘’You’ve got to write this book Tigrett. I’ve been telling you, you’ve got to write this book.’’ I said, ‘’Swami I don’t want to write this book, I’m not inspired. ’’He said, ‘’You think you’re going to write the book? I’m going to write the book.’’’ I said, ‘’OK, well inspire me then. ’’He said, ‘’Okay, this is what we’re going to do. We’re going to call it “Within and Without”. That’s going to be the title. Within and without. So one chapter you write about your amazing crazy life that you had in the outside world which everyone thinks is so important because is name and fame and money and celebrity and nonsense. In the next chapter you write about the inner life that I have given you. Back and forth, one chapter on the outside illusionary life, which will legitimize people to think about this other information that you’re going to impart. And I said, ‘’Swami I don’t want to write that book. I just can’t do it. I’m not inspired’’ He let me go downstairs in Anandam. He went down to talk to everybody. He said, ‘’Tigrett is about to write a book. It’s called Within and Without. It will be coming out soon. Tigrett come up here.’’ He gave me a pen and I lost the pen the next day. I did look for the pen. I looked for weeks, I was little disturbed that I lost it and didn’t find it again. But recently He cornered me and He said, ‘’You’ve got to write the book now. You have to write the book now. Now is the time. We’ve talked about it for a couple of years, but now is the time.’’ He said, ‘’You don’t understand who your audience is for this book. Your audience is 15 year olds to 23 year olds. Forget these old guys. They have to unlearn to relearn. But something is about to happen and these young people need to know these exact words. That there are parallel universes, that there are other dimensions and there’s other beings and other things going on. They need this information because something is about to happen. There’s always been an extraordinary thing, what was the name of that word. At the end of every yuga?

Yes, well. At the end of every yuga there is some kind of dynamic situation that occurs, some sort in the universe. It contracts and then expands again, it gets ready for the new age. And apparently we are at that point. I mean look at the world, It’s a mess. All the people that are starving to death, we can’t even feed them. All the people, so much hatred, so much selfishness. Selfishness He has talked to me so much about. He has just recently wrote me a letter about it and I was searching for it, I was going to bring it, It’s not supposed to be read right now. About selfishness. Why are we so selfish? Why are so self-involved? You know, we all love Him but we don’t think anything about really loving one another. We really don’t. Were too preoccupied, were too selfish. Too selfish. All the time, every day. You know there’s so little that can be done. The Maya is so heavy. Swami has explained Maya, Maya is the delusion of the world, it has been create by us. We’re creating the Maya. We’re the ones that pull out these machines every day like and alcoholic (takes out his phone) and disappear. Disappear. Its selfishness. “Oh God, maybe the Microsoft is sending me some add to buy something. I feel so important. Where are my children? I got that app; I can follow them everywhere they go.” It’s insane; it’s like being an alcoholic. Technology is making our consciousness go even lower and lower and lower. So this is a great opportunity, this short lived.

As you know, his mission, He said is until the ninety-sixth year, which will be soon, that in another six years this phenomena will change. Even when He left the planet I was one of the most… He gave me the greatest gift you could possibly imagine. He gave me the greatest gift, He asked me to come and live with Him the rest of His life in 2007. I got to personally see hour by hour, day by day, the exit from this dimension of an Avatar. Do you have any idea what Grace that was? What Grace that was? I’m famous for Him ignoring me, I said 15 years, He says 17. I believe Him, believe me. When we first met when I was 24 He said we’re old, old friends. “We’ve been together many, many lifetimes, we’ve got much work to do. And you wait here.” He didn’t talk to me again for apparently 17 years. In those days there was only a 100/200 people sitting in front all of these buildings. I came from London every other week, I had a lot of money coming in so I was able to come and go for one darshan and go back to London. The first couple of times I was, you know my ego was getting hurt because everyone was not only getting interviewed, but these amounts of jewelry. And when He would come down to where I was, there’s only one row of men and one row of women He’d get down to where I was and He would go out 30 feet go over 3 feet and come to talk to a guy next to me. But after two or three times I said, “What is He trying to teach me ?”, because I knew He was my teacher, what is He trying to teach me.” And what He was trying to teach me was “Don’t worship my body”. Understand what’s really, really going on which is, you know, it was just amazing. He had to get me to a point where I was completely aware of the formless before He could use me. They all go “Sai Ram, Sai Ram, Sai Ram”, tears coming down, “Can I have a ring and will you take my letter please?” But He had to teach me about the formless and I realized that. So I started just reading books about the metaphysics and all these things from past lives or whatever. I don’t know why they seem, so true. And so I became totally enamored with this body. In fact, I wouldn’t even look at Him when He came out and then I got to the point where I understood the formless nature, not only of me, but everybody and everything else then He could use me, He can call me in. Because He knew I wasn’t going to be enamored with his body. And He used me for many, many years, I felt very grateful as I do to this very moment. And then after his first stroke and this incredible grace that He gave me of watching his exit of which you are all going to witness one more time too. It was quite amazing, He came out one day and He said, ‘’Tigrett, never look at me again. Never look at me again.’’

This is a year and a half before He left his body. Not this dimension, this body. He wanted me to get back into the understanding of the formless. So I could be used to come here today and freak you all out. But that’s what exactly what happened. I would go to darshan every day, I would go into a deep trance and I would never know when He came and went. And I got back into the frame of mind. I don’t know it’s not mind, its intuition. This is where it all comes from. (point at Heart) This is just a crazy computer, our control. (points Head – brain). This is the age of overstimulation of the mind and the body. We can’t even realize god. We certainly can’t realize we might be one which we are. You’ve been worshiping yourselves. Honestly, I’m sure all these people in this room are freaked out by me saying such a thing. What a sacrilegious thing to say. If He says so, then it is. But He has told us over and over and over and over again, I am a reflection of you. You are Divine Beings. Same thing Jesus Christ and Zarathustra and all the masters have said over and over again. The most two important days in your life, the day you are born and the day you understand why. Why. And every master has said you are here in this little sliver of reality or non-reality for self-realization and nothing more. Self-realization is realizing your true personality. Your true essence, you’re immortal, you’re all Divine Beings, honestly. Until you figure that out you come back again and again and again, it is written. You’re all Divine Beings. Whether you like it or not. And this all a dream, which we create through our actions in our past lives. This is not complicated stuff. This is so simple, we make everything so complicate with this (points at brain). And yet we have this amazing place where our immortal souls live, which is here in the heart. It’s called intuition. Mahatma Gandhi used to speak about it. ‘’I listen to my inner voice, my inner voice told me this, my inner voice told me that.’’ Because He tuned in with his true personality, which you must do. You have this intuition all this time but this is so powerful (points at brain) this day of overstimulation of mind and body. You don’t believe anything your intuition tells you and that’s god speaking, your god. Yourself. So you have to teach your mind to trust your heart. You have to practice that, you have to believe that, you have to try. In this very dark hour very few will be successful. Very few. One thing that is so important that the first time you get up in the morning do something to tune in with your true personality. Say a mantra, a prayer, something. Think of god. Just a few minutes to tune yourself in, so you just don’t start reacting to this (points brain). You got to learn how to act not react. Got to learn how to act. Everybody is reacting to this and that, He said that and He said this, and feel this. That’s not controlling your life. You’re just a victim, a victim of your own consciousness here. (point brain). When the truth and the mortal soul rest here (point heart) and teach your mind to trust your heart.

So these are difficult days. The Maya is so strong, it’s so powerful. And were creating it with our own thoughts. The media, advertising, all these things, it’s absolutely insane. We feel so insecure. We all feel so insecure. Lady sees another lady walking in the street and thinks, ‘’God, she’s got that Vuitton bag and I don’t have one, she must be better than me’’ ; ‘’He’s got a Rolls Royce and I got this little box, I’m not successful.’’ Silly, can you imagine something that silly influencing your thoughts and yourself and your reality. And defining who you are. If you want to know where god is, look at the guy next to you. Look at everyone that way. I try every day and god know I’m the most flawouable cat I ever met. I’ve got so many flaw it’s unbelievable. But He keeps pushing me up the hill, He keep trying to teach us, He’s here also for the same reason. So, in these dark, this dark hour before the dawn, and god only knows it’s going to happened soon and He it can’t happen soon enough for us, as I’m concerned. This is just ridiculous; too many people are suffering, starving, fighting, selfishness, the whole world gone mad. So really, to tell you the truth from a flawed guy like me there’s only one thing I know. There’s only one thing I know and it enriches my life and leans me more towards the true reality. It’s really four simple words. Five actually. Take time to be kind. Take time to be kind. And instead of passing people one the street notice them, they’re all Divine Beings. Practice it. See it in others, see it in yourself. If you see god in yourself you’ll see it in everybody and everything. Even in an inanimate object I assure you. Take time to be kind. You can do that, can’t you? Can’t you do that? That one little thing? Just take time to be kind, be cognisant of other people. There are problems and difficulties, don’t ignore them. I mean, we worship the differences in each other now. It’s all we do. I’m an Indian, I’m better than a Pakistanian, Sri Lankan. I’m special, everybody wants to be special. I’m an American, I’m better than a Canadian or a Mexican. I’m a Christian, I’m better than a Hindu or a Jew. I’m a rich guy, I’m better than a poor guy. I’m healthy, I’m better than someone who’s not healthy. It gives this false sense of personality. we should be worshiping the sameness. The tread of divinity that puts us all together, that makes us brothers and sisters, all are one. It’s true. And this is an opportunity that is very rare in history and in life. As I said before there is no two journeys that are the same in this room, there’s no one to follow, and there’s no one that can follow you. Were all headed for the same destination, but it’s a singular personal journey. And you got to fight for it. Got to fight for that journey. Or you’ll just become the part of the crowd, the herd. So with all that said, and I hope I haven’t said too much which I’m sure they’ll say, ‘’Oh my god let’s get him out of here” I’m sure we all want to listen to the master speak so. I wish you all one thing, evolution. Evolute. That’s why you’re here, for evolution. To grow, to know. Become wiser. To get rid of this (mind) and understand this (point heart). Teach your mind to trust your heart. This is the immortal aspect, here (point heart). God bless you all, thank you.

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