part from the book Family of Light by Barbara Marciniak

You are now changing the lattice of magnetic fields of the earth and the frequency, so that you turn on one light after another and create a new energy fields. You have to learn how to stop the astral vampires from different dimensions, from inside the earth and the earth's surface, which still are feeded with your energy. A key element is sexuality and how you use it. Many of the global leading figures, particularly those of politics, religion and education - and especially those who are allegedly concerned about the needs of children - are in fact part of a major secret pedophile operation, which exploit children for sexual purposes. This can happen if parents are not in communication or contact with their children. This happens because these pedophile preferences are submited from one generation to another. This is one of the darkest chapters and secret of family of darkness on your planet. The ruling houses of the rich echoes with the secrets relating to sex with family members, sex as a ritual abuse, sex as a sinister purpose of calling the goddess of darkness - all the waves without love, only fixed to obtain power.

When we are talking here about the power of darkness, then do not get a feeling that you want to escape from that experience, again due to the light. Understand the power of darkness, to understand the misleadings in the souls of these beings - beings who desperately seeking something, something that their parents or other people has never been given to them. Because of thath, their misleadings stay in their blood line. What they lack? You already know about: love. Those, who are misleaded, killer, bully, pedophiles and manipulator of masses, do not feel love, and they still do not know. It is your task to heal the planet that much greater at that moment, when you realize a dark secret occult activities of the families who rule the earth.


No man does not live long enough, nor is tricky enough, to realize that big plans for control - means when you look behind the facade, you'll learn something about very old breed with their own story of separation, secrets and hidden powers. They are ancient reptiles, your ancestors, your relatives.

Reptilian creatures have kept the strings in their hands for eons, behind the scenes, and you, their puppets, are shown as representatives. These puppets themselves often do not know, that they are in the hands of beings, which are very manipulativly. Sometimes when they find out that they are part of such a grotesque plan, they rouse with fear and shrink, even if they are Pope, presidents, kings, queens, or other beings with prestige and power.
They recognize that they are only tools, which can be used just because they have - with their perversions, lies, sexual activity and their greed - opened the doors and gates to these forces. Your world is full of darkness, and it has influence on your, and teach you same lessons as well as in all other periods. It is one thing, reading the newspaper about the incredible scenes, and the other thing be with such directly confronted. Wherever dark is looking for you, be aware that in difficult situations it get to you, which will be a wave of fear to climb the hands, the root of your brain, the reptilian brain, will be electrificationed and will make you gain back the memory of something. Be aware of yourself at that moment that you are part of a plan and that one chapter of your life opens the deepest inner darkness, so that you are able to change yourself, through changes of your frequency. You can not reach the light without knowing darkness, and dark will appear with a large request for healing.


Controllers of subconscious, and all those who have an impact on time and on aspects of your life, from economics, through religion to education, will now come to light, because you are now ready to take responsibility for yourself. Only if you know how you were manipulated, you will have your own way to take matters into your hands. As people, you really give up your power, and you do not realize that you have become zombies who walk around.