The Illuminati

There are three main factions of the Illuminati: Rothschilds faction, Rockefeller faction, and the Jesuit faction.
Rothschilds control Europe, Canada and the U.S. Democratic Party, the Rockefellers control the U.S., especially the Republicans, and the Middle East, while the Jesuits are in charge for the rest of the world. In the beginning, not to be mistake, all three factions operate in coordination.

Rothschilds, the Jews who financed Hitler, are ideologically inclined left, they support atheism, the Gnostics. Soros is their pawn.
There is nothing wrong with the left ideas, but let's look at Italian Prime Minister Monti and former Greek Prime Minister Papademos. Or another quasi-leftist, French President Hollande. Everyone are Bilderbergers, and everyone are resigned vassals of the Rothschilds.

How to identify vassals?
They push for the privatization of everything that normal society would never privatize; they are in favor for austerity measures, for the abolition of workers rights, dismissal of workers. They resignedly worship criminal banking system. They do not question the justification of the attack on Libya. They accept the official version of the 911, they accept deception in the form of "global warming" and "carbon tax". They accept vaccinations with poisoned vaccines. They devotionaly worship the idea of the EU, which is horribly orwellian creation. They accept "Agenda 21", which is too obvious orwellian plan under the auspices of the United Nations. They push for GMO foods, proved to be dangerous.

Rockefellers act on the Christian platform, although they have with Christianity the same as the Rothschilds with the Gnostics. These are Nazi bullies who aims to bombard all non-white nations. In a strange symbiosis together with Israel, which is a private country of the Rothschilds, they are fighting against Muslims. Among other things, their duty is to prevent the development of science and technology.

Jesuits are behind the killings of many leftist politicians in South America and Africa, and behind establishment of the military junta. Jesuits murdered Russian Tsar Nicholas II Romanov and put Lenin. They are also responsible for killing over 200 Japanese politicians. Jesuits also control China. However, in recent time the politicians of China and Japan are increasingly encouraged to disobedience. Although the Rothschilds are cheifs on the physical level, Jesuits are still superior to them. Even their Black Pope, Jesuit General, have above himself Grey Pope, one of the Ptolemaic Papal bloodline, who operate from the etheric level. But, by recent channeled information, this figure is removed from this planet since 2010.

God of the Illuminati is neither Christ nor Satan, or Lucifer. Their God is the material world. Fear, based on a tight mind awareness, they seek to alleviate by mad desire for control and domination. Anyone who tries to ajar that tight mind awareness towards the infinite consciousness - which is our true nature - for them is a mortal enemy. Intellect is the God of the Illuminati, and the love for them is something completely unknown.

The Illuminati are not at risk. They always control both sides. In 2004 Republican Party candidate George W. Bush defeated Democratic Party candidate John Kerry. Each candidate was initiated into Skull and Bones Illuminati secret society.
In every country in Europe the Illuminati control left and right political wings, there is no exception.

And finally, for the Illuminati plan to be successfully carried out, it is necessary to convince people that they are lazy, incompetent and thieves. Although there is only a small percentage of these, but by the Illuminati's dominance over the media, all media are unanimously working to convinced us in our laziness, corruption and incompetence.

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