Isaac Tigrett - Muddenahalli speech

Om Sri Sai Ram
It is our great honor and privilege to have with us a devotee of Bhagawan. An internationally known personality, Dr. Isaac Tigrett.
Sir Isaac Tigrett was born in 1948 in Tennessee. Moved to England in the year of 1967. He cofounded the Hard Rock Cafe in the year of 1971. It is almost impossible to recount his most eventful life but here are just a few bit.
In the early 90's he cofounded the House of Blues. He left the House of Blues in the '97 and went on to form the World Foundation with the Interfaith Center of New York. Among the many honours that were conferred on him, a few to name are the PhD, from the Central College of Human Letters in 1996, for promoting African-American culture and racial harmony, PhD from Rhodes College Doctorate of fine Arts 1997, for the rebirth of Blues, and contribution to more harmonious world. He is also the founded trusty of the Rama foundation of Zurich, Switzerland, which is instrumental in the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences in Prashanti Gram.
These are of course formalities. The only interaction that Sir wanted us to give is, he is a Beloved friend of our beloved Lord Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Isaac Tigrett

Thank you all very much. It's a great honour; I've had many that didn't mean much. Today is a big one for me. I'm going to tell you things that will primarily you will not understand. I was blessed to be under the grace of Sai Baba from birth. He has schooled me in the esoteric and metaphysical since I was a young boy. He brought me to him at the age of 22. I've been with him now 40 years.

I was receiving broadcasts since, in fact Dr. Prasad reminded me to tell you about this, but I was receiving broadcasts from him from a young age. It's so bizarre when something of your own making is coming into your consciousness. I was terrified. There was no one to go to, to say what is going on. Am I losing my mind? Am I going crazy? And then it became so predominant part of my life and I knew it was coming from Bharat, and I knew I have been here many, many, past lives.
And I knew there was a Master who was making these broadcasts to me.

Excuse me, I enjoy the woman side much better than man's side. They really carry all the power, if you really want to know the truth.
So I came to this great land with a backpack. I'd been already highly successful. I've made my first fortune, when I was 19 years old, by the grace of Sai Baba. He made me very famous, he made me very powerful, very young, so I would never seek it again. It will never become an interest in my life, only He would. So I came to this land at the age of 24. I put on a backpack, that was about 70 pounds ago, and I went looking for this Master.

I went to every ashram; I traveled through out the Himalayas.
One time, I thought it was Ramakrishna. The fact that the Master may have left his body means nothing. Their light body is there. I met the light body of Ramakrishna; I thought this is the master.
I even came down to Bangalore, everywhere where I heard of a Yogi, a master, born, dead, this rumor. I followed it for nine months, while continuous phone calls were coming back from London "Get back here. We need you, we need you." I said I am on another mission.

I even came to Bangalore to see someone, some of you older guys may know, was called the Shiva Bala Yogi. A tremendous power. And I approached even him and he was talking to me through telepathy. That's my language. But it wasn't him.
And then after nine months, and you know how Swami operates, he waits to the last moment, he squeezes everything out of an opportunity to teach you.

And I was sitting in a hotel in Aurangabad, having breakfast. I was so disappointed, I was depressed, I was leaving through Bombay in an hour, to go back to London. Unfulfilled in the most important journey of my life. And something that had brought me to India was a broadcast, it was like a mantra. For years. And it kept getting louder and more often. "I'm waiting for you. I'm waiting for you. I'm waiting for you. I'm waiting for you." And I didn't hear that, the whole nine months I was here. I was waiting for him to call me.
As I sat having breakfast in a hotel in Aurangabad, like a blasting elephant trumpeting came "I'm waiting for you!" and I looked up and there was a picture of this 40 year old guy with this incredible hair and I knew the picture was talking to me. I went asking to the front desk "Who is this, this amazing looking character?" They said he is an obscure, and this is 1974, a very obscure and unknown guru but he is the guru to the man who owns this hotel. So he puts a picture up in all of them. And I ask where is he. They say well, he just opened a college in Bangalore in a place called Whitefield and he also lives in his traditional home in a little village in an ancient part of India that I discovered was living in the Stone Age when I first went there. Right now, I have made my home permanently and at his request in 2007 he asked me to stay there until the very end. That's where you will find me.

So I got on the plane, and I made to cancel my trip, I flew back to Bangalore, I got of a wonderful air force space in those days where 10,000 mosquitos. There used to be a pond, a big lake, behind the runway, I think all the mosquitos in the world were born in that pond, there's no doubt about it. It was unbelievable.

Anyway, I came out. It was a Sunday, a Sunday morning. And I went through the gate there, at Brindavan, and the same gates are still there miraculously, the same gates. Everything else changed. There were no hospital, no buildings, Swami's old house you could see, and a big white two story house was there. And a tree in a middle of a sandy field with a little blue man playing a flute underneath. I didn't know who that was, I didn't know anything. Yet I knew everything, just like you do. You just forgot. It's just forgotten.
So I go and I stand inside, I'm in black, I Love black clothes and I always wear black when going to an ashram, because black represents the unconscious and white represents the conscious, and there's nothing conscious going outside that ashram, it's such a crazy time for Kali Yuga.

And I wouldn't sit down, they were singing bhajans on Sundays, they were singing the whole day underneath the little tree, there was maybe a hundred and fifty people, women and men, separated, little chair, and here floats down, out of this what used to be a long ramp, with this beautiful coconut trees on the ramp, floating this extraordinary creature, beyond anything I have ever seen. And my esoteric lesson began. Because the radiation and the warmth and the power with which I have been so blessed to thought these things was overwhelming.

I didn't stand underneath the tree or sit; I just went inside the gate and leant against the gate. And he came right over to me and he said, "You've come at last. I've been waiting for you. We are not new friends, we are old, old, friends. We've been together in many life times and we have much work to do in this life. Wait here."

Sri Sathya Sai Educational Institution Muddenahalli Campus

He didn't speak to me for another 15 years. It was the greatest 15 years of my life. People in their normal sense would say "Oh, poor guy. You know, they used to drag me out and people were crying when he wouldn't see them for a day and this guy hasn't seen him for 10 years or look at him." He wouldn't come anywhere near me, never even look in my direction.

First four, five visits and there were a hundred over those 15 years, any weekend, a couple of days off, bank holidays weekend, whatever, ride on a plane, right to wherever he was. The first four or five times my ego, our enemy, the one that makes you not believe me in what I'm about to tell you because it wants to control everything. My ego was shattered. Why isn't he paying any attention to me? There were like a hundred people there in Puthaparti and everybody was getting multiple interviews, and jewelry and this and that and the only person he wasn't talking to was me. First three or four visits I'm shattered, right. My ego is in control. Saying No, No, No, and finally I realized he was giving me a boon.

He did not want me to get involved with the form. He wanted me to understand the formless. The true nature of that, not only what he represents, but what each one of you is. You are the formless. I can see your light bodies. The great master Nissagardatta Maharaj, said that which has never been born, never dies. That's what you are. That's the reality that I was asked by Sai Baba personally to come and remind you of today, whether you believe it or not is irrelevant. Even if one of you, just one of you, if I'm here just for one I've done my job. If one of you gets it. Everyone will be imprinted on you subconscious, on your spiritual DNA. For what I've got to say, because it is nothing anything new, it's just something you've forgotten, nothing more.

So those 15 years I realized was a boon, I got to know the formless. Which is what he wanted to teach me. Otherwise I couldn't continue doing the job he had planned for me. And I soared those 15 years. I read everything. You see, these masters come and they write, it's very interesting. They go out into the universal dynamic consciousness that is everything that is them, but to write they have to come back into their own personalities. Yogananda writes in his personality but the same truth in Sai Baba who writes in his personality who writes the same as Ramakrishna but they all write from a different personality that is fascinating because they have to come back to their personality to write. That was just a little aside, but so true. But it's all the same truth, they all say the same. But in all religions all that is simple, Swami mad even simpler.

Five values, human values. They're written down in the Vedas, they're written down in the Old Testament, they're written down in the Koran, they're written down everywhere. There is nothing else.

So after this boon of 15 years, when I finally got me to the place he wanted me to be. Where he knew I wasn't going to be effected by the delusion of the form, he called me to him and said, "Are you ready to begin this work?" And what I'm going to tell you and show you is going to be hard to understand and I don't believe in the word doubt. I Love that word. I live for that word. Because I am in doubt every day. I doubt so many things and through his grace he pulls me out of the well. Time, time, and time again. He sent me off, he said "I want you to go and understand the ultimate metaphysical esoterically world, Tigrett. That is what you brought into this life, from other past lives. We were together. It's your job. And no one's going to understand you. No one's going to be able to relate to what you say. Just like today. But that's your job, that's your job for me." And he sent me off and said, "You leave your family in England, you move to where this Yogi lives, and you study with this Yogi for 12 years." I did that.

I left my home, my wife, my children, because the master said so. And for 12 years I studied things that I was meant to remember and meant maybe to even, the whole purpose of my life, is to teach you these few minutes. If it is I am totally and completely complete. Totally. Just one of you. Maybe that's why I'm here, just for one. But all will be imprinted.

So, what is God? By the way, I was given a second boon by the Master. After living and being close to the form, and doing so crazy work and wonderful things and miraculous and being limited in my own small mentality, but being able to gaze and see and feel through reality. 2 years he made me aware he was leaving, his body was decaying. He was no longer of any use. It's time to go. And he came up to me, maybe two, three years ago, when he had his first stroke and he wasn't able to talk for a few days. I wasn't worried. I understood. But he came up to me and said, "Don't look at me ever again. Don't you dare ever look at me ever again." And I didn't. And I go up to the veranda where he made me an enigma, none of you know who I am. And I sat there and went into meditation, an hour or so before he was supposedly going to come, in a deep place where he was kind enough to show me how to go to. And when I would come awake, the whole hall was empty. There was no one there. He had come and gone and I didn't even notice. I hadn't heard the bhajans, nothing. Two years, I never looked at him again.

Why? Because he wanted to again indoctrinate me to the formless. Because the form is not reality, it's an illusion. He had to take the form to come into this mission but he's the forever version and forever. I found that so many devotees get stuck. He's brought you there at your grace, amazing grace for you to be working at His institution. Incredible, I'm absolutely knocked out just by standing with all of you who he has infected with his amazing, amazing, Love. You wouldn't be here otherwise.
Absolutely amazing.

I know everybody is tired and probably want to go and have dinner. I'll try to keep it at a low roar, if I can. There are messages that need to be given today. I asked him if it was okay to do the things I am about to do and he said it was okay. But I'm trying to impart to you, if I can, in human voice and human mind, human to human but really heart to heart and more so, divine being to divine being.

Swamis constant message, "Here's the key, you're all divine beings." Same thing Ramakrishna said or Vivekananda said. "Arise, arise, awake, there's nothing, pull back the curtain, you're already a realized being, there's nothing to look for out there." Echoed by all the masters. You're already a realized being, it's just you're in this human container and you don't know it. That what has never been born, never dies. That's what you are. And you all have light bodies. They are able to actually photograph one of the seven through Kirlian photography now, the energetic body around you. Extraordinary, absolutely extraordinary. But the thing that hurt me personally, maybe this again is my ego, is everybody seemed to get caught up on two things and go no further. One was the form, beautiful, incredible, amazing, but when the form arrives everyone practiced the very thing we fell from the garden for, which is why we are rebirth now to discover our true identity and that occurs as something called duality. We think God is over there and we are over here. It's not true.
Swami told us, "You're a divine being, I'm a divine being. It's just you don't know it and I know it. You live forever, you have light bodies, there's much more going on beneath you, but you're all divine beings."

You want a mantra. I dare one person to raise their hand say it, I have trouble saying it. You want a mantra, here it is. "I am God. I am God. I am God. I am God." Let's see the hands of how many people say that every day. Why? He told you to do it. Why aren't you saying it? Why aren't you knowing it and see where it will take you. Because of the ego and the limitations. He showed you that this unlimited aspect is there. But you have to put it in your life. He brought me here today because the message he sent to these wonderful men is that teachers need to be students. He said it in an incredible discourse given years ago. And they need to become more like Yogis, not teachers. I communicate with him now just as I did before, believe it or not. It's not difficult, it really isn't. Once you tune in. And he asked me, "How are things going in the hospital?" Because I have an, obviously, interest because I Loved all the doctors and all those incredible, incredible, patients that come into that wonderful place. And I said "I talked to doctor, the new guy, and they got the new MRI Scan, they got the new cat scan, they moved the blood lab over to the library and the library's been moved to the…" He said "No, no, no, I don't want to hear that." He said: "Are they treating the patients with Love?" I said "I don't know." He said, "And the college? Do they treat the students with Love? Is Love there?" I said, "I don't know." He said "Then why should it exist? Why should the hospital exist if they are not treating the patients with Love?" That was the whole point.

There are thousands of hospitals. This was his unique model for the future and for service and for Love and to make us all realize that we are one. All are one. Does anyone understand that? Do you really understand that? It's a constant thing, this learning. Because the mind is such a small limited thing and it's always making you drift away somewhere else. And believe something and doubt and, you know, and criticise somebody else and I don't like the way they dress or where they're from or blablabla and all this nonsense. This is not his teachings. All are one.

"So, what is God?" He asked me once, well some of you have probably read it before, he Loves saying the same stuff over again. He was hilarious. I was lucky to spend a lot of personal time with him. He was a comedian. He was so funny and delightful and sweet and he had all the power in the world but he never showed it off. He just did it like to make fun, to wow you and make you cry. Every time I would cry he would go, "Oh, look. Tigrett's going bliss droppings again. There's bliss droppings all over Tigrett's face." He was marvelous. I miss my pall, in a way. But how glorious to have those few moments all of us have had. Just by him coming into our atmosphere and seeing him. It's a representation of yourself. Don't practice duality. God is over there, I am over here, nonsense. That was totally against his message. And yet, the second he would walk in, and this is where I realized the collective consciousness that is coming with the new age, where everything is know all over the planet at once, is when they invented SMS. Of course all the cats that would go up to the veranda got telephones, swami would come out, this was 15 years ago, it blew my mind, he came out, there was like 12 guys sitting there texting someone in the world "Swami just came out!" And moments late, my own little telephone would go "buzz, buzz, buzz" and it would be someone from Australia going "Swami just came out, didn't he?" And it goes around the whole world in seconds. That's the collective consciousness. Those devices, that machines, this new world is built for the coming new age. He gave speeches twice, I was sitting right next to him. New civilization in 27 years. That's 8 years from now. We know that there's yugas, he know that this is the Kali Yuga. This is supposed to be the darkest time in man's history. Where we're so far away from the knowledge of who we are. The darkest hour is always before the dawn. And that's where we are, the darkest hour. And then this new age is supposed to happen. It's talked about in the Old Testament, the Koran, the Zoroastrians. Everyone talks about this yugas, these ages and this new age. Where we go back to the garden we fell from. We stop thinking about duality. When we realize our true identity. That's why you're born. That's why you're born, to realize your true identity. Nothing else. And how you live life, and how you work life, and how you do life.

I have a lot of things that Sai Baba gave me. This is a bracelet, from MahaLakshmi day he gave me. I have rings, I've lost half of them. He gave me 8 watches. He gave me one not that long ago, I lost it in 24 hours. But that things are not jewlery, forget this message or their calling cards, yes in a way. They're energetics. We who understand the esoteric side of these manifestations, they're full of energy. They have a purpose. They radiate that energy and are given only with the knowledge of the Master who gave them. For whatever reason this is and, basically, it's none of your business. Because you'd never believe it if he was to tell you anyway.

So, let me show you a few things and try to explain what they mean. This is a young man. He's the future. This is the future. This gentleman has a tremendously high IQ. He comes from three generations of Sai devotees. His grandpa and so forth. He became and airline pilot when he was 22. Speaks seven languages, Indian languages, absolutely devoted to Sai Baba. Sai Baba comes to him in dreams and says, "Give up your whole career. Making a fortune, flying all over the world, going to meetings, this and that." He did. He retired. At 24. Just like I did. To come here and learn from the Master.

Before I went to see this Yogi, Swami made a stone for me. And it was, he called it a diamond, a beautiful cut gem, giant thing. Several people were there to witness. He always has nice witnesses so when I tell the stories, "Go talk to him, he was there." And he held it up and said, "This represents the Atma. You take it Tigrett. You take it with the Yogi. You use it in the work this 12 years." And we did. To put it bluntly, it amplifies prana energy. Which is our true identity. And through amplifying that power it allows us to do certain things on the esoteric level. If I was to tell you, you'd probably get hungrier than you already are now. But it allowed me to go into the future, into the past. It allowed me to go into many dimensions and see this amazing world. What you see is not it. There's so much more going on then you could possibly imagine and it's a symbiotic relationship, all in the same dimension but on different levels, different beings, different worlds. I wish I could share it with you, I wish you could see it just for a moment. But it's true. I'm here to testify. That's why I've come today. Because I adore all of you. I see God in every face of every person I've met since I was 15 years old. It's an honour when anyone even approaches me. It's like God approaching.

After 8 years of work with this Yogi, I was here on one of my many visits. And Doctor Goldstein was there, and he (Baba) called a bunch of other guys. And he called me and he said, "Give me the stone, Tigrett."
"Oh no, he's not gonna take the stone back." It's wow, like my ego is going, "This thing is really powerful. I want to keep that stone. That Atma." And he shows everybody the stone, like a proud parent ,which is the way he was with all his creations. The divine mother, showing one of his children. And he takes the stone and he puts it out in front of everybody. He closes his hand, this bright, clear, amazing, heavy, heavy object he called a diamond, which had atmic power in it, which I experienced, which he was about to take away from me. And he opened his hand and it became this. This beautiful purple-ish stone – multi-faceted, very heavy weight. And he said "Tigrett. This has a thousand and eight reflections inside for the thousand and eight names of God." He said: "This represents the perfect balance between heart and mind, male and female, ying and yang. Don't lose it, don't lose it."

Let's think about this for a second because this is a thing so important to know. If you want to receive the pure message you have to balance your heart and mind. The mind is the male aspect. We all have male and female aspects. The mind is a ruthless computer with no compassion, it just decides and criticises and puts everything in files. Men, the male part. This is the female, the heart. Mercy, compassion, Love, where the spirituality is carried. Swami always said they have the power. You all just need a lot more work. But if you balance the heart and mind together so that you have the amount of compassion and mercy and Love with the amazing thing that he has given us to understand, learn and evolve then he can work through you. Leonardo Da Vinci, I assure you, had a complete perfect balance of heart and mind because his creations were divine. Chopin. You can name all the great but it's also the little beggar on the street who's playing his little drum and he's got it down great and he sounds fabulous because he's tuned in to his higher nature, which can only be reached if you balance your heart and mind. Then his grace will fill you with perfection. I have never had an original thought in my life. But when the heart and mind are balanced he can use me. I'm begging for him to use me now, to balance that heart and mind as much as possible so I can share this even thought, it's something you may have not ever considered, or ever heard, but it's what you are. It's what you are.
This is a very important message in this very strange, wonderful, divine object with a hundred and eight reflections, thousand and eight reflections, excuse me, for the thousand and eight names of God.

I'm going to have my friend, the future, stand at the door, so if you want to see these things before you go, you're more than welcome.
Swami came out several years before his leaving the body, which is nothing. He's sitting in that chair. I can feel him, I can see him. The light body, let's just get down to it now. I'm going to say it anyway. Swami came to me "I am in residence in Muddenahalli. Come and visit me. I'm in the light body." See we all are the light body. No matter. Swami was also a God-man. So the aspect of a human also casts him with a light body. He said he was going to do his mission to the 96th year. He told me, "Tigrett, my body was decaying, it was useless. I have to go. I'm in the light body now. But I'm gonna continue my mission as promised to the 96th year." And that's what he's doing.

He did more work the last two years than the 4 years before when he was ill and before he left the body. And it's just getting started. He's working harder and faster than he has ever before and I've been watching him like a hawk, since I was 24 years old, and in wonder of the things he can do.

There's two sorts of worlds you got to understand. You know what this is? This today, I told doctor Prasad, I told the incredible, who was actually a rishi in his past life, Narasimha Murthi, been with Swami since he was 19, A great, great, soul, with no title. Just is.

But this is a meeting between the Pre-samadhi Sai, that you all believe has gone somewhere, and is not available to you anymore perhaps, and the Post-samadhi Sai, who's in residence in this place in the light body. He said "After the 96th year, I'll take another form." That's what it's all about. Read your own culture, read your own mysticism. What happens is you trying to reach nirvana, get of the wheel of birth and death and eventually merge with the divine consciousness. Get off the wheel. That's what he's going do, he's going take another form. Now, it's none of my business, except to believe. Without question, to believe. He said you're all divine beings, believe it. He said all are one, believe it. He said you were already God, believe it. What you choose you want to believe, what you don't want believe, what you can believe, what you cant believe – don't limit yourself.
This is a birthday party. It is and it's spectacular. This is a birthday party between Pre-samadhi Sai and Post-samadhi Sai. And he's sitting in the chair, and he's got the cake and the ice cream and its you guys. It's amazing.

Three years before he left the body, he came out and gave a discourse and he was very emotional, many of you saw him and were very disturbed because of your Love and your heart to see one is decaying in such a way, which is life. And the other, seeing him emotional, seeing him cry. He was extremely sensitive in the human aspect. You talk about Krishna, he'd start crying. You talk about the school, he'd start crying. He knew he was going, he was getting so sentimental. He knew he was going to leave, he couldn't tell you, that wasn't the part of the plan. He told me, I gave a speech in Dallas in 2009, I thought I was going be stoned by Sai devotees the next time I came in the ashram, when I sad he was planning to go.

Everyone got upset to see him be just like you. Which is exactly what you are. You're him. He's you. And he would cry, and they would turn the cameras away to not let anyone see him cry. And he was emotional. And he was beautiful, I Loved it. I Loved it. My Master, so brave and fearless that by the thought of his devotees he would be sentimental and cry for you. For you. And let you see it. Let you see the fallibility, which is the part of the human condition, which is only temporary. But the light body is forever. That which has never been born, never dies.

He gave a discourse about Shirdi Baba, this may be hard to understand but its in the myticism and all the religions, totally in this dark age where all myticism, all esoteric knowledge is gone. Its something that you don't put in a book and learn, it is something a Master has to teach you, otherwise you don't get it, it doesn't pass down. But this is something well known to those who study myticism, called the Akashic records. This is a record of everything that has ever happened, in the past, the present, the future and not only in this dimension but all the dimensions. And this is Swami, because when one becomes a realized being or merges with his true personality, he gets certain siddhi powers and he also gets the access to the record. So when he told you, "Jesus said this", he was telling you the truth. That's exactly what he said. He told you, "Rama said that…" He was reading the records.

And when he looked at you, he saw all your past lives and all the karma from that, he saw your present life and all the karma from that, and all your future karma. So when he related to you, interacted with you, it was from that perspective. And it was a boon. It was a teaching. And he may come in a dream, or maybe something you read, the spark flies, or you may see the body or the form or something. He comes in many mysterious ways. You don't have to go talk to him. He uses everything… He gave a speech, a discourse, about Shirdi Baba, giving Lakshmi Bai, a famous female devotee next to Shirdi, he was crying the whole time he was giving this message, he gave her some coins that represented power, values, a message, a teaching, whatever, and he produced too this coins. And then he took them back. And then he ended the lesson, and he called me in, and he gave me 5 coins. Exactly the same dates, with King George on them. Five gold coins. He gave to me. This strange man how is standing in front of you now, who adores you. Two of the coins were not the same, with King George, they had Queen Elizabeth on them, which he pointed out to me, and the dates, 1974, that's the year I met you. Here are the coins. There was a witness, actually, who is getting married shortly, in Chennai. He took the coins like this, and he put them right in front of my eyes and he said, "This is our secret. This is our secret." He said, "This represents the 5 values", and he repeated them, "Truth, Love, Peace, etc", but this business of "this is our secret", took me 3 years, to figure out, until finally the penny dropped, or the gold coin dropped, six weeks ago. Six weeks ago, after 3 years and all of this esoteric knowledge and all this everything, it was the time to suddenly reveal the secret. The secret, the secret, the secret, the secret. It's all you need to know. These aren't 5 coins and the five values are not intellectual concepts. Its energy, like everything.

This man knows physics, the first law of physics, for every action there's an equal reaction. First law of metaphysics, for every action there's an equal reaction, we call it karma. Second law of physic, energy never dies. First law of metaphysic, energy never dies. Where does it go? If we're the energy and the light body and the prana energy, where do we go?

We don't disappear; physics has proven that, we know we run on energy. So this represents energy. But it's an interesting thing the physics of energy, all energy, electricity and what ever you want to call it, has a polarity, a positive and a negative.

The whole divine consciousness is made of energy. It's all energy and it has a polarity, a positive and a negative pole. That's the nature of energy even on the esoteric level. And God will not interfere with your free will and cannot, his first law. You can do with this energy anything you want. You can go to the negative pole, and you can be evil and be envious, and you can be jealous, and you can be angry, and you can be lustful, and all this things in that energy field. It's up to you. It's all yours.

Or you could go to the positive side, and there you can have Love. Which is the negative pole to Love, hate. That's on the other side. Truth, what's the opposite pole of truth, untruth, lies. You can go to the positive side of Righteousness, right acting, right speaking, correctness. You can go and use the other side if you want and do bad things and be devious. Whatever. It's up to you. It's your karma. It's your wheel. You do whatever you like. But those 5 coins represent energy. It is really the true definition of the divine consciousness itself. Imagine an egg and the divine consciousness is everything, in every dimension, in the planets, in the universe, and were all inside the egg. We're all part of that energy, we were made of energy. That which has never been born, never dies. We never were born, we are, and we never die, we transform.

So the message that I came today to give you is an esoteric one. It may be a one that you do not like and it may be one that you do not understand, you think, but it's already written on your spiritual DNA. You think this is your first life? You think you haven't been exposed to these things? Somewhere, it's written on your spiritual DNA, which you carry with you as you slowly grow and learn from lifetime to lifetime to lifetime.

I've got a couple of crazy things, I'm just going let you see them. It's funny, He gave me this Lakshmi, one day, with the witness. "Solid gold Tigrett, solid gold." And he had one of his boys, that was actually an accountant at the Central Trust, who chanted Vedas, he had him go out and translate the Sri Suktham, first fifteen standards, for me. He brought me in with the boy, gave me the translation, gave me the Lakshmi and said: "I had it translated in English, Tigrett, because you will never get the Sanskrit right. You'll never be able to do it." And he gave me this Lakshmi and I'm going inside, "I don't want this Lakshmi. Nice gift but I don't believe in Lakshmi." What you mean, it is the Goddess of wealth and power, and I start reading this Sri Suktham, and it's like give me elephants, give me wealth, give me followers, and make me famous and more milk products in my house, and elephants, and chariots .I've been through all this, I don't want any of these things, I don't get it. I don't like Lakshmi. Everyone wants this things, I'm over that. Why did you give me this? Why do you make me say the Suktham everyday? And I got stuck on the 5th verse, and it was driving me mad. And it said "Sweet Lakshmi, at who's feet all the Gods throng'.' And I said: "What in the world, does she have, that even the Gods in other dimensions, who I have met, what that they don't have? What is it?" and then he let me know. This is the Goddess of the greatest possession you can have on any dimension and in any form and anytime and she is the Goddess of that possession. She is the Goddess of peace of mind. The greatest possession that you can have in this life, or any other, or any God. "At whose feet the Gods throng". Peace of mind, she's got the most precious thing going.

OK, I see some hungry folks out there.
He called me when … We were doing with the hospital, and I'm going to make it quick. OK, I've got a few more minutes according to the schedule anyway, but who keeps the schedules…..

In 2000 and 1999, or the year before, and I went to him and said: "Swami, are we going have a like a room or a wing for all the esoteric sciences and all the great healing systems and all the ancient systems?"
"Oh yes! Millions will come! Huge, amazing, blablabla."
He put me in charge of the entire building of the hospital. He put me not just in charge of the money. I was over L&T, who built the hospital with medical planning, and also Dr. Keith Critchlow, who by the way, Swami said his third eye was open, he discovered one of the three aspects, three ways of how God, actually, enters this dimension. Sound, that's why we have mantras, that's why we have prayers, Light the giver of life it self, and geometry. Geometry? Yes, geometry. Just recently rediscovered by a guy named Keith Critchlow, who teaches at the Prince of Wales School of Architecture. And he discovered that there was a geometric form of Divinity. If you look at the thankas all the Tibetan Buddhists have, if you look at the geometry of that, if you look at Islam, it's all based on this geometry patterns. Many, many, is all geometry, geometry. And now, that secret is being rediscovered.

Anyway, we got to the hospital and it was filled up, and I was going "Swami what about the wing for metaphysical, esoteric, you know, ancient wisdom, science, and all that. To heal, to help." He said "Wait." God, do I know what that means.

17 years later he called me in, "Ready to do spiritual school, Tigrett?"

"Yes, sir." I'm from the South so that was how I was brought up, to say" yes, sir", "yes, mam, no, mam". "yes, sir, yes, sir", "anything you want, sir, yes, sir"

So then he gave me, he said: "This is a present, a gift I'm giving to the new age that is coming, to help people because the maya, which is now so powerful, it's almost impossible to take the inward journey. That's where all the gold and silver is." We think it's out there, but the maya turned up to the max right now, and it's so distracting, it's almost impossible to take this journey.

In this new age, I do know this, the maya is turned down to such a degree that we have an opportunity to take a inward path. Which is the only path to take. And this place, he said, "I'm going give to help people around the world. I'm going help them on this new path they will be taken in this new age that is coming shortly." He gave me all this plans and he told me all about it, it's the most amazing thing. Why he trusted me, God only knows. It all happened in one day. When he told me its time to do it, were going do it, and then he went: "Seven all day. Go."

I go out, and I go sit down for the morning darshan, and right next to me there's a guy talking to another guy, and he says: "Oh, did you know there's an amazing story, the stars are aligned in a certain way, and they are all at Tirupathi, there's 4 thousand people, and you know on the seventh hill behind the Tirupathi, a God lives, on the seventh hill." I go, " Wow, there's a seven. Seven all day."
I wonder what's going to happen next. I go out in the village and a guy comes running up to me, who knows I'm into all this esoteric business, and he says: "You're not going believe this, in the Deccan Chronicle, there's this picture of a huge building and this thing, and it's a new metaphysical machine." The bottom line was 'Sun Center, exposes the mystic power of number seven.'

I go back to my room, someone knocks on my door, an old man, barely speaks English. He said: "I am supposed to give you this, I am looking for days, please, take this, I have got to get my bus." And it was a book, and it was about the great saint Saint Germain, who's one of the ascended masters and its called the Seventh Ray. And I go, "Wow, this is unbelievable."

And I'm resting, and it comes a mantra, comes in my head, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla,… this name, this name, this name …. I have an interview with him this afternoon, and I write down on a piece of paper:" Is this what you want to call the place?" He said, "Yes. Mystic in of the Seventh Ray." Divine command, what choice do you have.

Then later that night I'm sitting in my room, I decide to call professor Critchlow, and I call. And I say, "Professor, how you doing? I haven't talked with you for some time, have you been lecturing?" "Yes, I have been lecturing all over Europe." And I said:" What have you been lecturing on?"
He said:" The Number Seven."
And I told him that Swami had said "Seven all day."
That must be seven sevens and it's only been six, and I look at the clock and I think I got away, I fooled Swami, I haven't had seven all day, and Critchlow says: "Today is the 7. 7. 2007."
Therefore I went and did what he asked me to. I actually went to Vienna, and exposed this knowledge at his passing. I told everyone that Swami gave me a gift for all of you. If someone just asked, but everyone of course thought it was about them. No one ever asked. I went and created a little film, which he asked me to create, that shows you what is coming in the future, his gift. This is for young people, this is for people you all are responsible for. Or maybe they're responsible for you. The teachers will become students. What does that mean exactly? He said, "I want to give young people hope that there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel, because they don't see any." This world's gone mad, as it was supposed to. You know why? All the negative energy has to be taken out, squeezed out of everything right now, because it can't go into the new age, because it will soil it.

That's why we're experiencing this. And he brought back particular souls, that have the strength to endure it, and still follow his teachings. That's you fellows, ladies. Anyway, if you want to go and see this thing, I just put it up on the internet, somebody got a copy and put it up some time before, but I officially call this, and you'll see the origin, and how it all happened, and what it is, you'll see how marvelous our master is. And how he is still here, big time, and is going to be for a long time, many life time to come, doing his job, doing his work, which is bring us into reality and please of recognising our true identity, so we can get of this wheel. And Love is everything.

So with that, I'm going to end my little… well, I hope with his approval.
Don't think for a second that he isn't in the light body, for one second, big mistake, waste of time. You don't understand it? That's okay, have faith. Have faith. It's your job. He's shown you so much, don't throw it away, being stuck with the form and miracles, that's nonsense. So many devotees got stuck on the form. That's it. That's the definition, I'm not God there is God, and the miracles, oh that's icing on the cake, he has to be a God, because he just created this and that. And they don't go any further.

You're here with two opportunities. You can evolute or you can devolute. or you can just stay the same. This is a birthday party, his birthday party. Bringing the Pre-energy of the Form and the Post-energy of the Form, and the work it is definitely doing at tremendous speed, light speed, in fact.

This is a birthday party. Muddenahalli no one took serious. I'm so honoured to see you got over that and all together. You're all bothers and sisters, he's with you. You are Him. There's a lot of work to do. Don't sit around thinking about all this dark thoughts, and I don't like this, and he said that and, the politics are here, and they said that and. I'm scared of him….. blablabla…. You're not serving anything but your ego. And your ego doesn't want you to believe there is a spiritual life or a light body or anything else. And ego has power, but ego does die with your body. Until then it has 5 best friends, which dominate you completely. You wake up in the morning you see, you touch, you taste, you smell. The 5 senses. You're convinced you're the mind and the body, but you're nothing else. That's why it's important when you wake up, you do something, some meditation, chanting, prayer, anything you want to call it, so you can get in contact with your true identity for the rest of the day, and you can serve properly, your own existence and all the other existences, which are endless. 6 billion, last count.

I am honoured, I hope I didn't offend anybody. And if I did, fair enough. I hope that that one person was here that began to understand, and I was so blessed, not just from this life, but we have been together many, many times before. The 15 years of solitude, ignoring me, teaching me about the formless, sending me off with a Yogi, discovering all these things that I can't even explain to you. Why would you understand unless you experienced it, it's like a fairy tale, right? A fairy tale.

But I have no choice, he brought me here, he told me to tell you this, he told me to show you these things. And make you understand that it's energy. Just remember, everything is energy. Everything. He knows it, he knows it from the physics of science proven, finished, over with, and from the metaphysical side as well. They're identical sciences, one is esoteric, one is dimensional. But God is a polarity of energy, dynamic, incredible power of which were all apart. Two poles, positive and negative. You can use the positive pole that these 5 coins represent.

I just Love it. He doesn't stop teaching me. I'm 65 years old and he is beating the daylights out of me almost on a daily basis.
This is our secret. This is our secret. Three years later I discover the secret just in time to share it with you, his Loved ones.
Bless you all. Thank you letting me come, Swami. Sai Ram.

Thank you, sir. For your most enlightenening words. We pray to Bhagawan that he allows us to understand the truth that he lived by and always spoke to us about. Thank you.

Isaac Tigrett - Singapore speech 9/17/2016