About 10 years should be added to this prophecy. Interestingly, Sai Baba said in 1997 that the rupee will be stronger than the dollar. Then it was 1$/30R, today it is 1$/57R. At the end, there is another similar prophecy by a German woman.

Germany is integrated into the system of politics and economy, to which, meanwhile, most European nations belong. This community was initially founded by six European countries, with the aim of improving people's living conditions, reviving trade between individual countries and stimulating economic development. The community of European countries became larger and more powerful over time. Numerous German statesmen are responsible for strengthening this union. In the year 2002, the member countries will receive common money. But the larger the union becomes, the more difficult it will be to manage it and adapt its tasks to the needs of the people of individual countries. The community will become independent, it will become an end unto itself, and it will no longer benefit the people of the member countries of the community. The institutions of that union, its laws and power will serve only the economic and social powerful, who will achieve their goals with its help. In 2004, this community will be expanded by several more members. New countries will come from the east of Europe, and they had a different economic and value system as their social basis until 1989. Many people in these countries are poor. They look forward to membership in the community, because they hope that it will improve their living situation. But that will remain just a dream. The powerful will take advantage of this expansion of the community, in order to recklessly enrich themselves at the expense of simple people and to play these people in their struggle for work and survival. They will promise prosperity to everyone, and as bait they will use the statement that they want to equalize living conditions in the entire community. However, they will not say that this new equality for most people will be equality in poverty.

However, the plans of the powerful will not be fulfilled, because the signs of the times show that the end of the Kali Yuga is approaching, they indicate disintegration and decay. While the statesmen of individual countries cannot agree on whether to join the wars of America against the countries of the Orient, which began in 2001 and continued in 2003, the first signs of resistance will appear among ordinary people. In 2005, the social and economic powers will believe that the time has come to impose a single law on the whole community. But the introduction of that single law will not succeed. In the two countries that are Germany's neighbors, people will not want to accept that law (the French and the Dutch actually voted against the introduction of a European constitution: cf. Th. R.). This will start a long-term crisis of this community, which will finally lead to the collapse of this system in its previous form.

As the living conditions in many countries will continue to deteriorate, from 2004 there will be increasing social tensions in Germany as well. People will try to cope with the growing burdens. In the beginning, they will take refuge in the protection of their families, and if they don't have them, they will look for protection in the circle of friends. At the same time, in neighboring countries, but also in Germany, there will be increasingly large protests directed against people belonging to foreign nations, who live in Germany or other countries of the community.

From the year 2007, in the big cities of Germany, there will be increased protests by ordinary people against the policies of statesmen and economic powerful people. At first it will appear that these protests have some influence on the behavior of the government, but this will be only a ruse. The demands and arguments of the protesting people will only be debated and eventually ridiculed and made ridiculous. People who will publicly speak out against the powerful will be persecuted and their livelihoods will be destroyed, or they will be accused as criminals and put on trial. From the spring of 2007, the situation will become more and more severe. Violence and insecurity will reign, above all in big cities, where there will be the biggest, burning problems. Statesmen will no longer be able to provide protection and security to citizens in their countries. The situation will get worse and worse, because a lot of people from other countries will rush to Europe at that time. They will flee from famine, war and great drought, which will turn the lands into deserts. The European Community, as well as the social arrangements of individual countries, will begin to disintegrate from within. In 2011, great economic difficulties will be announced. First in America, but then also in Europe, money will lose its value more and more quickly. This kind of development is the result of a failed economic and monetary policy, which is based on the system of interest rates and faith in the unlimited possibilities of economic development. For decades, the social powers that be in the US and Europe have believed that the world is a place where they have the opportunity to indulge their greed and selfishness, and a place they can create as they please. They were convinced that there would always be more of everything. However, they will have to see that they have been deceived by the tricks of maya, and that their greed has made them blind. The earthly world is not boundless, and therefore there will never be boundless happiness or boundless rate of economic growth in this world. Their system will hit its limits.

In the fall of 2012, the monetary system will collapse in America. The state will no longer be able to fulfill its obligations towards its employees. There will be no more money to pay soldiers or civil servants, because money will no longer be worth anything. This situation will put the society in great trouble. Shops and factories, as well as banks, will have to stop working, many people will lose their jobs and everything on which they based their existence. There will be looting and riots, primarily in the big cities, and armed soldiers will be looting in the provinces. During these riots, a very large number of people will die. The state administration will try to gain control over the situation with the help of those military forces, which will still be willing to obey orders. That will only partially work. The collapse of the American economy will lead to unrest similar to a civil war, and this will last until the second half of 2017. Then the military units of the northern neighbor will intervene in the conflicts, and will mostly bring them under control. It will be the most difficult conflict in America since the Civil War in the nineteenth century. The lines of conflict will stretch across the country, but unlike the previous Civil War, this time it will not be North versus South, but East versus West.

The collapse of the American economy and the value of money will also affect the countries of Europe, especially Germany because of its economic structure, and here there will be a fall in the value of money, but not to such an extent as in America. Nevertheless, the consequences of the development of this situation will be great, especially for simple people. Many will lose their livelihood and live in poverty. In big cities, there will be riots and attacks on public buildings and government officials, on the rich, and robberies. The violence will not reach such proportions as in America, because in Germany there are not as many weapons in private possession as there, and because there will be no disintegration of security organs such as the police and the army. In contrast, in America unpaid policemen and soldiers will revolt, and they will not hesitate to use force.

There will be a revolt in the European metropolises, which will be largely directed against the foreigners who live there. Particularly bloody battles will take place in Paris and Rome, but also in Madrid, London and Prague. In Rome, the headquarters of the head of the Catholic Church will be attacked. Numerous church dignitaries will perish during this robbery, including the Pope, who will manage to escape at the first moment, but will be ambushed by robbers outside of Rome. The crisis will least affect Russia, India and China, which will support each other's economic systems.

The unrest in Germany and Europe will last until the fall of 2016. This situation in Europe, which will resemble a civil war, will end with the arrival of Russian and Chinese military forces, which the European rulers will call for help.

War in the name of God

Until the final collapse of the American monetary system and the American economy, the powerful of that country and their allies will do everything possible to prevent the imminent collapse. As it already happened twice during the twentieth century, they will again try to revive the American economy with the help of wars and destruction in other countries and parts of the world. Thus, the American army with its allies from Europe and other parts of the world will continue to wage wars all over the world. The government will officially justify these actions by saying that it wants to preserve peace and freedom, but they will only care about conquering countries and expanding their power.

There will be no war in Central Europe at that time, but people in those countries will feel the effects of wars in other parts of the world. The consequences will be expressed in the form of large duties and taxes, rising prices of food items and raw materials, but also in countless immigrants from the affected countries, especially Africa, the Middle East and Turkey.

Above all, Europe will suffer because of the enormous influx of refugees, who will come from war-torn parts of the world. The integration of millions of refugees will represent an excessive burden on the European social systems, so that the infrastructure of Europe will exceed the limits of the tolerable burden. This applies not only to Germany, but also to the neighboring Central European countries, only in the north of Europe will the consequences of mass refugees be somewhat less.

The United Nations will also face similar problems. This will lead to a growing destabilization of the economy and financial systems of many industrial countries in the West. This development in 2012 will lead to the already mentioned collapse of the American currency. This will cause severe conflicts in the USA as well as in Europe, which will resemble civil wars. All this will lead to a long-term crisis of the social systems of the West, and as a consequence, the US will fall into foreign policy insignificance. In the years leading up to 2014, US troops will be almost completely withdrawn from all foreign countries.

In Europe, above all, Italy, Spain and France will be affected by internal unrest, which will occur mainly in large cities. But there will also be situations similar to the civil war in Germany, above all in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, the Rhineland and the Ruhr area. The entry of Russian and Chinese military forces, which will be called to help, will complete these events. However, many people in occupied countries will perceive foreign armies as occupiers, not as helpers.

Those in power will use this situation to consolidate their positions, which they will succeed in for a while. In the form of monarchies and dictatorships, since 2018, new, strictly hierarchical societies have been created, in which the traditions of their own people rule. The community of European states will continue to disintegrate. New alliances will be formed. These new forms of society will initially lead to a real calming down of the situation, and will enable the economy of Europe, as well as America, to stabilize again. People will be ready to sacrifice a large part of their personal freedoms to ensure their survival.